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At Family Behavioral Health Inc, our team of highly skilled and experienced care providers has our patients’ best interests and wellbeing at heart. Meet the people running our welcoming Mental Health Clinic, and schedule an appointment today.

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Meet the Team: Meet the Team
Pink Uniform Doctor

Joan X

PRP Direct Care Staff

Joan X, our direct care staff, has a special interest in creating partnerships with the patients. She provides direct service to clients and their families placed in a psychiatric rehabilitation program. She believe that making sure patients are proactive keeps them healthier in the long run.

Pink Uniform Doctor

Jane X

PRP Specialist

Jane X has being a big part of our company showing great work ethic and reliability. She has great leadership skills towards fellow team mates and great communication skills.

Pink Uniform Doctor

Uchechi Onwuanaibe

Program Director

As a Program director, Uchechi keeps the functioning ground for our company and keeps everyone in check such as  staff accountability to patients, adhering to COMAR standards while working with staff coordination.

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